6th Anniversary TKs from 3A Toys

September 18, 2014

Remember when the first ever three TK / Tomorrow Kings were released by 3A Toys so many moons ago? Right after Deep Powder Bramble? I do, and I thank 3A for their abundance of generosity “back in the day” … Well, get ready to “relive” that toy-birth very soon, but this time it might take some effort in trying to snag all of them together in a single breath!

3 x different “6th Anniversary TKs” will debut at 3 different locales/events; Red t-shirt (Mae No Ni) is for Bambalandstore, Green t-shirt (Tsuitachi No Ato) for Guangzhou and Black t-shirt (Tsuitachi Ni Ushinawa) for Taipei Toy Festival (Oct 9-12, 2014). These 1/6th figures are “pre-made”, so you don’t have to “wait”. No news as yet on where they are going to be available, but keep it locked on FATKIDS® for more info soon.

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