WILD MAXX by Michael Lau for {AR+OY} TAIPEI

August 17, 2014

Last featured as a sketch, now here’s a look at Michael Lau’s WILD MAXX (GARDENER 114) – to debut at the coming August 15th opening of {AR+OY} TAIPEI – since Michael Lau @ A9, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, Xinyi District, Taipei (展覽在新光三越, 台北信義新天地A9館, 9/F宴會展演廳舉行). The figure looks no doubt articulated, and dons a patchwork-styled “fur” suit, featuring playful horns on hoodie, complete with crown. Interesting that Lau’s characters have recently been seen in “costume” (cosplay?), the most recent being the 12″ tall BBs.

Pre-orders will be available on-site, with items estimated to arrive 4th quarter 2014. No further product nor availability info for this “Where The Wild Things Are” mash-up with Lau’s “MAXX” Gardener-character though, hopefully more details will emerge before the exhibition ends on September 1st, 2014.

More details available HERE.

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