The OG Air Jordan 14 “Black Toe” Makes Its Return Next Month

August 30, 2014

This year has already seen the release of a couple of first-time colorways of the Air Jordan 14 including the Sport Blues and Thunders. Unfortunately for Jordan Brand neither one of these colorways saw much success and multiple pairs were left sitting on shelves all around the country on release weekend. As a matter of fact you can still find them at many retailers today, which is something we’re definitely not used to seeing with Air Jordan sneakers. The Air Jordan 14 isn’t a very popular silhouette to begin with so Jordan Brand took a pretty big risk that didn’t pan out by creating new colorways of the model not knowing how we were going to react. Perhaps the revival of an Original colorway is exactly what the AJ 14 needs. Into the picture comes the Air Jordan 14 “Black Toe” which features a classic mix of white tumbled leather, red accents and the ultra buttery black suede toe.

This is definitely one of the most classic Air Jordan colorways EVER, but since it still is a XIV we will have to wait and see the reception it receives when it releases on September 20th for $170. Will this be a must-cop for you or is it an easy pass? Let us know down in the comments below.

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