Big Bang Theory Monopoly

August 15, 2014


When you’re as smart as the folks on The Big Bang Theory, people stop playing games with you. Whether it’s fear of losing or fear of being completely obliterated while having all their faults pointed out and mocked, we’re not sure. Well, the one thing we’ve found to shut them Big Bang Theory characters up is Big Bang Theory Monopoly. They don’t complain when the game looks like them!

Big Bang Theory Monopoly is Monopoly that’s been double-blasted with Big Bang Theory goodness. The properties are now 22 BBT locations, the money is all BBT’d up, and even the playing pieces are full of Big Bang Theory. In fact, the playing pieces are the best part. Mini metal versions of such things as: Leonard’s Glasses, Sheldon’s Couch, and Bernadette’s Microscope! Big Bang Theory Monopoly is a lot of fun for any Big Bang Theory fan.

Available now HERE.

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