Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Stand

July 10, 2014

Terroir of terror

Two things best stored underground: dead bodies and wine. Now most wine underground is stored in an actual wine cellar, but there’s no reason you couldn’t put it 6 feet under. And then, in case of zombie apocalypse your wine will resurface along with whomever you’ve got buried there, and y’all can have a lovely drink together. Just remember the first time your zombie friend says “Braaaaains” that bottles also make excellent bats when aimed at undead skulls.

Set out this Zombie Hand Wine Bottle Holder the next time you have an intimate get-together or a party. From what we can tell, it should fit most bottles (all Turleys, Magnums, and most Champagnes are right out), and is guaranteed to liven-up any gathering.
Cop yours HERE now.

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