Rubik’s Cube Lamp

July 16, 2014

The 80s saw many trends come and go – our favorite, of course, were those colorful cubic twisty puzzles that boggled our minds – the Rubik’s Cube. Remember solving them with a screwdriver? Yeah, we did that, too. We won’t tell if you don’t.

Eventually, though, we figured out how to solve the thing properly. Before too long, we got fast at it – fast enough to compete professionally! There’s even one monkey that can glance at each side for a few seconds, close his eyes, and solve it in less than a minute. He’s a genius, but he’s also memorized the phonebook. Up to “G.” Kinda scary.

If you liked to play with the cube, now you can live and work with the cube, too. This venerable puzzle from the days of Galaga has been turned into a fully-functioning light. And by “fully-functioning” we mean it uses LEDs to illuminate things, but you can also play with it. Its battery stores up to 2 hours of illumination for free play, or you can set it up so the stand’s next to your computer or any USB jack and keep it plugged up so it will constantly shine.

Available now HERE.

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