Grieb & Benzinger Centurion Black Platinum Watch

July 20, 2014

Grieb & Benzinger presents two new bespoke platinum timepieces based on the inspiration from “an ambitious watch connoisseur looking for incredible, understated skeleton watches that nonetheless proffer value and handcrafts, but in an “invisible” way.” Whatever that means (!) — I’ll let G&B elaborate more in a moment. But first, let me just remind folks that everything Grieb & Benzinger produces is extremely rare (and very often one-of-a-kind, as are these pieces); they are bespoke watchmakers in every sense. However, because their amazing watches are such fan favorites here at FATKIDS® — if only from a digital point of view — I like to share them. And so you see here, the new Centurion.

It comes with a 43mm blackened platinum case, blackened manually wound movement (fully skeletonized, guilloché and engraved by hand), and a black alligator-skin strap with solid platinum buckle. The story behind this watch goes something like this (as related by G&B):

“The interesting collector request inspired Grieb & Benzinger’s CEO and Georg Bartkowiak to transfer the brand’s bestseller ― the Black Tulip ― into a never-seen-before platinum execution. The classic Black Tulip has been transformed into a glamorous, yet simultaneously understated, high-end timepiece boasting an all-black appearance. The idea of the totally understated value of solid Platinum (PT950) beneath a blackened surface in combination with pure hand-skeletonization appealed to this client’s ideal of discreet taste. A lavish, almost cheeky, way of expressing understatement that is as-yet unmatched in the world of luxury timepieces. A second model, the Centurion Imperial, is topped off with a bezel set with red Princess-cut diamonds.”

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