size? x PUMA “Wilderness” Pack

June 21, 2014

size? continues its string of collaborations with a brand new group project with PUMA, utilizing timeless silhouettes from the ’90s Trinomic range that embody four harsh terrain environments to provide the perfect survival tools. The size? x PUMA “Wilderness” Pack is kicked off with a pairing of the the classic R698 and XS850. Leading the collection is the PUMA R698 “Sahara”, which is inspired by the barren desert, with a brown upper that resembles the dry windswept landscape. Urbanizing the duo is the PUMA XS850 “Inner City”, a black and bright yellow makeup that reps the transformation of the city after dusk when the streets illuminate. Ushering in the size? x PUMA “Wilderness” Pack, this duo will release today (June 21st), exclusively at size?.

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