Build-On Brick Shot Glass 4-Pack

May 16, 2014

Time for a block party!

Shot glasses generally have one function: to hold alcohol during the time between it being poured and meeting your face. Wouldn’t it be nice if shot glasses had ulterior functions? For instance, it’d be awesome if they gave you something to fiddle with when the cocktail party small talk was killing you. Drinking shots generally isn’t time consuming; you can’t be absorbed in your shot glass the same way you can a bottle of beer or a glass of wine… unless it does something very special.

Enter the Build-On Brick Shot Glass 4-Pack. These vessels are shot glasses and a construction platform all in one! Put out a bowl of your favorite building blocks at your next party – they’re compatible with LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™ – and watch your guests’ creativity abound. You get a set of four, so not everybody is fighting over the same one, but we recommend multiple sets for larger parties. Plus, they’re a great field sobriety test since alcohol impairs motor skills and coordination. Give your partygoers a “build a spaceship – GO!” test before you give them back their keys.*

What will your shot glasses become? That’s up to you!

Product Specifications

- Build-On Brick Shot Glass 4-Pack
- Includes blue, yellow, white, and red
- Bricks not included
- Exterior building surface compatible with most bricks, including
– PixelBlocks
– Mega Bloks
– K’NEX Bricks™
- Note: Not officially-licensed by LEGO™, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks™
- Combine with LEGO MINDSTORMS to make your alcohol come to you (note: we highly recommend programming before drinking – thx for the idea, Chris!)
- Capacity: 1 1/2 oz. each
- Materials: BPA-free plastic
- Dimensions: 2″ wide x 2 1/2″ tall each
- Not dishwasher-safe
- Not microwave-safe

Available now HERE.

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