Yasiin Gaye (Yasiin Bey x Marvin Gaye) – B Stands For Beef

April 12, 2014


With Amerigo Gazaway’s amazing mixtape/mashup project already out, the Nashville producer is already promoting the B side (or Side 2) of the acclaimed project titled Yasiin Gaye: The Return (Side Two).

For the first offering, we get an ill mashup of Mos’ “Beef” with Marvin’s “T Stands For Trouble” off the Trouble Man blaxploitation soundtrack. That aforementioned album is highly slept on and underrated, mostly for the fact that it has lots of jazzy undertones and while there is some crooning on the album, for the most part, the album plays out like an instrumental score. Because, it is. Still, if you see that album in stores, pick it up! Worth the money.

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