Space Invaders Coasters

March 5, 2014

As the invaders descend from space, all that stands between them and total global domination and subjugation of the entire populace is your tiny little mobile artillery cannon. As they fall, they move through the many layers of the atmosphere. They pick up speed, a wee bit of ionizing radiation, and a fair amount of condensation, particularly through the troposphere.

This condensed water collects on the surface of the invasion fleet and beads on the surfaces of their gleaming warships. Sure, you can handle the fleet itself, blasting them out of the sky one by one, but what if they land? What will happen to your fine mahogany tabletop? All that condensation will leave ugly rings on even the finest wooden furniture! Damn you, Invaders! *shakes fist* DAMN YOOOOOU!

Fear not, true believers – with a simple barrier made of shellacked wood, you can interrupt the condensation before it drips on your tabletop, forever marring the surface. And, just to thumb your noses at them, those barriers are made to look like those blocky bastards from outer space themselves! A set of 6 handmade wooden coasters, built with tiny wooden blocks of different colors and textures, are all that stands between your expensive furniture and an equally expensive restain.

So make the right choice – repel the invaders from space, and say NO to their ugly condensation rings!
Available now online HERE.

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