Knight Rider 1/15 Scale KITT

March 6, 2014

The star of Knight Rider

Apparently in the early seasons of Knight Rider Pontiac took advantage of the product placement their Trans Am model got as KITT to namedrop. But then customers started coming in to Pontiac dealerships asking for features that didn’t exist on the actual Trans Am, and it was easier to stop namedropping than to explain to hundreds of customers that, no, they couldn’t have a talking car.

However, now we’re in the future, and you CAN have a talking car. This 1:15 scale model of KITT features 7 different phrases, 6 different sound effects, working fog lights and tail lights, a light-up sensor bar, flashing voice box, and illuminated instruments and monitors. The doors even open. However, you’re not getting into this and cruising around town with it unless you’re a Hasselhamster.

Available now HERE.

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