‘Ghostbusters’ by Javier Jiménez

February 11, 2014

“(My) memories of Ghostbusters go back to the animated series from the late 80s. Back then I didn’t know there was a movie that was made before the animated series, so when they aired it one day on the TV, I thought it had been done after the cartoons, haha. But I loved everything about Ghostbusters because I’ve always loved monsters of all sorts, and in the animated series you had a different ghost per episode and they had very different designs, which made me very excited to see how the enemy in the next episode would look!” – JJ

Javier Jiménez shares with us his artwork of a Gangsta Marshmallow Man, done for the “It Came From 1984″ show which launched at Bottleneck Gallery. Expect the piece to be available for online purchase now at Bottleneckgallery.com.

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