The Visible Gummy Bear by Jason Freeny

January 28, 2014

When one of our photographers first saw this kit, he deadpanned, “Huh. I always thought gummy bears were invertebrates.” And so did we! We’ve never choked on a bone before, and we’ve eaten many gummy bears, from the vaunted Haribo to the store brand packs hanging temptingly at the registers. Based on our wide experience, there must be some incredible gummy bear deboning device that chefs everywhere are taking advantage of.

Designed by artist Jason Freeny, The Visible Gummy Bear plays on the classic candy by adding a scary twist. Mr. Bear includes a plastic outer shell and a full anatomical skeleton designed to be assembled and put on display. Use the instructions to assemble the three-dimensional model of the gummy bear, skeleton, organs and all. Be sure to then place it where everyone can see it, so everybody will know that you play with your food.

Product Specifications
- The Visible Gummy Bear
- Plastic carapace holds an easy-to-assemble “anatomical” model of a gummy bear
- Includes both skeleton and organs
- By artist and designer Jason Freeny
- Materials: Plastic
- Includes 41 pieces and instructions
- Dimensions: about 8.5″ tall
- WARNING – SMALL PARTS – Not intended for children under 3 years of age
Ages 8+

Available now HERE for $40.

One Response to The Visible Gummy Bear by Jason Freeny

  1. Ingrid Wetzl says:

    I´m from Germany.
    I want to ask you, if you also can send this skeleton bear also to me.
    How much will it cost.

    With best wishes
    Wetzl Ingrid

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