Rainmakers 3-Pack Transformers Vinyl Figures set from The Loyal Subjects

January 8, 2014

“A lethal cadre in Soundwave’s forces, the Rainmakers wreak havoc by causing acid rain, permanently impairing any insurgence. Dubbed “Rainmakers” by Blue Streak. The Rainmakers are led by Acid Storm, a particularly smart and cunning Seeker. Acid Storm has enlisted the Blue and Yellow Seekers to exact his orders of destruction. Make it Rain.”

Currently available on www.theloyalsubjects.com is the RAINMAKERS 3-Pack Transformers Vinyl Figures set, in an edition of 500 and priced at US$45.00 per three pack of 3-inch tall figures. Packaged in a window box, complete with collector’s cards. Each figure has several pieces of articulation and comes with their signature blaster.

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