Nike Air Huarache Womens – Black / Purple

January 6, 2014

Size? doesnt play around when it comes to their Nike Air Huarache colorways. This time the UK retailer has decked out a pair for the ladies and while they make use of powder blue and purple the mainly black upper proves to be anything but dainty. The blend of colors proves to be perfectly contrasty and most importantly fun to look at. These Nike Air Huarache‘s are available now and while they aren’t a Size? exclusive chances are they could be scarce at other Nike retailers so order them today if you are interested. Hit em’ up HERE now.

6 Responses to Nike Air Huarache Womens – Black / Purple

  1. Pecious says:

    how much are these and what size is avaliable

  2. gift says:

    Hi please do you have these
    Nike Air Huarache Womens – Black / Purple in a UK size 4 or 4.5 please????

  3. Kush says:

    Can I still buy these anywhere??

  4. Keiron says:

    What sizes are available and where can I get these?

  5. Kiylen says:

    fresh as getting these november basing

  6. Jake says:

    Where can I buy these from been trying to get them for ages just can’t find them anywhere

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