NEOGEO X Gold System with Free Mega Pack Vol. 1

January 24, 2014

Neo Geo, with its out-of-reach price tag for most kids, was probably one of the single most coveted consoles ever released. Maybe you had a rich friend who had one and let you play or you played the iconic red arcade machines at your local Pizza Hut, enough to build up a taste for the fighting finesse found in Garou: Mark of the Wolves or the run-and-gun fun of the Metal Slug series.

Well, covet no more. You probably heard last year that the Neogeo X came out, packaged along with the firmware upgrade that allows you to save your progress in games that have that functionality (the main complaint of the early adopters). In addition, you get 35 total games (20 preloaded, 15 on SD card) to help you relive your former glory.

Note: Original Neo Geo AES controllers, game cartridges and memory cards are not compatible with the Neo Geo X.

Product Specifications:
- Neogeo X System
- Docking station with USB ports has both AV and HDMI out and charges handheld
- Handheld has 4.3″ LCD screen
- 16:9 and 4:3 display options on handheld
- Expandable game card slot
- 35 games:
-3 Count Bout (preloaded)
-Alpha Mission 2 (preloaded)
-Art of Fighting (preloaded)
-Art of Fighting 3
-Baseball Stars 2 (preloaded)
-Blazing Star
-Blue’s Journey
-Cyber Lip (preloaded)
-Fatal Fury (preloaded)
-Fatal Fury Special (preloaded)
-Garou: Mark of the Wolves
-King of the Monsters (preloaded)
-Kizuna Encounter
-Last Resort (preloaded)
-League Bowling (preloaded)
-Magician Lord (preloaded)
-Metal Slug (preloaded)
-Metal Slug 2
-Mutation Nation (preloaded)
-Nam 1975 (preloaded)
-Puzzled (preloaded)
-Real Bout – Fatal Fury Special (preloaded)
-Samurai Shodown II (preloaded)
-Samurai Shodown III
-Savage Reign
-Shock Troopers
-Super Sidekicks (preloaded)
-Super Sidekicks 3
-The King of Fighters ’95 (preloaded)
-The King Of Fighters ’96
-The Last Blade
-Top Hunter : Roddy & Cathy
-World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Perfect (preloaded)
- Stereo speakers and a standard headphone port
- 2-Player mode possible with a second NEOGEO X Joystick (not included)
- Batteries: Rechargeable (lasts for 3-4 hours of continuous play)
- Includes Neogeo X docking station, Neogeo X handheld, Neogeo X arcade stick, 35 original Neogeo AES games, a set of RCA and HDMI cables, a power supply, a high-speed charging travel cable, and a firmware update

Note: Original Neo Geo AES controllers, game cartridges, and memory cards are not compatible with the Neo Geo X

Available now HERE.

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