Camera Lens Drink Kooler

January 23, 2014

Maybe you’re a photographer who’s been eyeing our Camera Lens Mug for a while now, but you don’t really have a use for a mug. Well, everybody has use for a mug, but really, they work best for drinkers of hot beverages.

For drinkers of soda (or beer), your beverages already come with a convenient drinking vessel built in – the can. And now you, too, can show off your love for all things photographical with the Camera Lens Drink Kooler. Designed to hold a 12 oz. can, the Camera Lens Drink Kooler helps keep your beverage of choice cool in both senses of the word.

And for those of you who got here because you were looking for a cheap solution for protecting your DSLR lenses on the go, sorry about that. Our search terms are the same. What you’re looking for is over at Apartment Therapy. But, you know, while you’re here, you should totally check out our camera stuff. It’s pretty eclectic.

Available now HERE for $9.

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