visvim® 20L Backpacks & *F.I.L. Exclusive Decoy Duck Boots

December 13, 2013

New items from Japanese master-crafters- visvim® have just arrived. Continuing on their aesthetic references to nomadic tendencies coupled with their internationally renowned artisan production techniques, we see a new footwear silhouette offering complemented by a duo of this season’s updated ballistic nylon comprised back packs. The classic outdoor duck boot receives a premium makeover crafted with Italian cowhide and kangaroo leathers and fortified with bulletproof construction- impossible to replicate by machine. Due to its unique production process and special treatment, no two boots are alike. Complementing this addition are a duo of the brand’s highly sought after Ballistic nylon bags offering an array of storage in an urban utilitarian profile. As expected, the same attention to detail from Hiroki is seen on these accessories along with several contemporary elements that make these bags lifetime pieces.
Shop these new items HERE.

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