Ring & Hook Bracelet by Corter Leather & Cloth

December 21, 2013

A simple leather bracelet made from the nicest 6 strand round braid I could find anywhere in the world. Wear it straight, or twist it before closing for a unique look.

- Leather cording is angle cut and braided on an Italian braiding machine in India for a perfectly tight braid that will not loose tension. This results in a smooth finish that does not irritate the wrist.

- Signature Ring & Hook closure was inspired by a vintage piece from the Corter archives and designed in house.

- Ring & Hook closure is cast out of Zinc and plated with Brass for a rust proof, light weight feel. It is cast, plated, and hand finished in California.

-All leather types will age and patina unique to each user. Check out the image of two natural bracelets, one worn for 2 months and one brand new, for reference.

- Made to order.

More info and purchase details available HERE.

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