Michael Lau – Gardener 03 BB Now Available Online

December 27, 2013

Michael Lau, regarded by man as the father of urban vinyl, recently made the holiday season quite memorable for his collectors with the release of his 12” BB Gardener (#03) at the CSBOOTH 18 event at GumGumGum in Hong Kong on 12.14/12.15.in a classic orange edition as well as a black edition. One of his most popular Gardener characters, the 1:6 edition of his wonderfully eclectic skateboard riding ‘dog’ features a plush dog suit, an inner skeletal body suit, a wood skateboard accessory, and a oh-so-awesome dog-themed custom box. Produced by Hot Toys, the orange edition is limited to 599 pieces while the black is limited to 399 pieces.

If you missed the HK drop, your in luck – both ToyQube (orange: $379 / black:$399) and GumGumGum ($379 for either edition) and are offering the figures for online purchase. If you hurry you can still score a BB at retail pricing rather than turning to the secondary market.

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