Blood Spatter Knuckle Mug

December 17, 2013


Coffee that seriously packs a punch

Getting up in the morning is complicated. The last thing you need is idiots disturbing you before you’ve had your first cup of coffee and that glorious caffeine has reached your neural processing centers.

This mug helps prevent unwanted morning chatter. If someone tries to talk to you, just look them in the eye, lift this mug, nod, and walk away. HR can’t technically say you threatened them. You technically toasted them, which is the opposite of a threat. But they’ll understand without you having to say a word.

Product Specifications

- Coffee that really packs a punch
- Mug with brass knuckle handle and blood spatter
- Capacity: 16 oz. <--- that's right. An entire pint!
- Materials: Ceramic
- Dimensions: 3 1/2" diameter, 6 1/2" across, 4 1/2" tall
- Ages 12+
- Not dishwasher-safe
- Not microwave-safe

Available now HERE.

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