S’MURK (Monotone) by David Flores (Mintyfresh Exclusive)

November 26, 2013

The S’murk is the lesser known darkside of the smurf, opposed to the Smurfs these grinning fuckers have no other purpose then spreading death and decay upon the smurf world. The old Smurf campfire stories tell us that once you see a S’murk the end is near and you better run. They only come out at night and are originated in Japan.

David Flores teamed up with Blackbook Toys to bring yet another Childhood classic to life. David Flores applied his signature “stained-glass” painting technique to the Smurfs and created the Deathshead S’murk.

Deathshead S’murk does resemble a smurf but instead of his regular face David replaced it with the Totenkopf. The Totenkopf is a German symbol for Death, and makes our pal Smurfy McSmurfypants a bit more intimidating then he normally is. The S ‘murk is made of high grade Japanese vinyl and stands 7″ tall (17 cm) and comes in a nicely designed headerbag.

The Deathshead S ‘murk (Mono) is a Mintyfresh Exclusive edition and limited to 50 Pieces worldwide !!

Available via www.mintyfresh.eu now.

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