Astronaut Strigoi by 3A Toys (Pre-order Nov 21)

November 14, 2013

First seen in an earlier incarnation at Re-Venture in Hong Kong (circa 2012), 3A Toys will soon release for pre-orders the 1/6th scale MOONBASE OMEGA PERSONNEL -INFECTED- (also known as EVENFALL STRIGOI ASTRONAUT), starting on November 21st @ 9:00AM Hong Kong time via “New” skull headsculpt, new hands-sculpt, elongated and mis-proportioned limbs = what’s not to like?

The first release of Astronaut Strigoi in their EVENFALL line will come in a choice of combos:
*Single Standard suit
*Two pack with Standard and Shredded suit
*Single White suit Nightide Strigoi

…and while price is not determined as yet, you can check out more images via 3AVOX.

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