Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign

November 18, 2013

Safely you can hide away (and live to fight another day).

When zombies are walking around, they tend to get a little disoriented – especially as their brains begin to rot and fall out in clumps and streams. So, it stands to reason, they need a little help knowing where a safe place to collapse for the night is. And we love nothing more than to help, by placing an Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign where zombies should congregate.

Because, you see, if we trap a bunch of zombies in one room, it makes them oh so much easier to exterminate. That’s called strategy! Ok, so maybe an Aluminum Zombie Shelter Sign is best for indicating a safe room for humans to hide. Whatever. You put one of these Aluminum Zombie Shelter Signs up in your office’s kitchen or break area, and the nervous laughter that will ensue will warm your heart. Unlike a zombie; the only thing warming their hearts is our flamethrowers!

Available now HERE for $15.

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