Star Wars Bar Stools

October 31, 2013

For your own personal cantina

Furniture shopping is one of those activities that most humans dread. Part of it is how expensive it is and the worry over picking the wrong thing and then having to live with it, but most of it is anticipating those slimy furniture salesmen. How they snake right up to you in the showroom and make you feel like you need to hop in the closest shower even if it’s only there for decorative purposes. Avoid having to interact with those guys or the Jawas by buying your furniture online.

After a long day saving the universe from itself, it’s good to get off your feet. Plant your butt on these sturdy barstools. With chrome-plated legs and a durable vinyl seat featuring comfy polyurethane foam padding, these bar stools let you show off your fandom. Choose Darth Vader (black vinyl), Stormtrooper (white), Boba Fett (green), or classic logo (black). They’re perfect for the garage, the game room, or the counter, or, yes, the cantina.

Available now HERE for $60.

One Response to Star Wars Bar Stools

  1. Beth Sanders says:

    HI! I’m looking to buy the storm trooper bar stool for my son for his birthday do you ship over to the UK and if so would it arrive in time for 1 February 2015? Many thanks

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