Luminum – Metal Wrapped Case For iPhone 5

October 15, 2013

“Not Remotely Steampunk” was one of our favorite recurring features on Regretsy. Look, people: gluing a bunch of non-functioning gears and somebody’s old house keys to your iPhone case doesn’t make it steampunk. It just makes it unwieldy and ugly.

For those who are looking for a sleek aesthetic reminiscent of the iPhone itself, we offer the Luminum. It’s an ultra-slim plastic case with a brushed aluminum inset that’s anodized with copper. It’s simple. It’s elegant. It may not be steampunk per se, but it does have the right color scheme. And, more importantly, it doesn’t have a bunch of tchotchke hotglued to it.

Product Specifications

- Minimalistic iPhone case with brushed aluminum inset
- Copper anodizing gives it a steampunk color scheme
- Fits iPhone 5 and 5S
- Materials: Plastic and anodized aluminum
- Dimensions: 4.9″ high x 2.4″ wide x .4″ thick
- Weight: 3 oz.

Available now HERE for $19.99.

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