Commes Des Garcons x Converse Pro Leather Collection

October 2, 2013

Comme Des Garcons is most recognized for it’s illustrious “Play” print, now seen on this new collection of Pro Leather Converse. While originally release as a basketball shoe, Comme Des Garcons has taken the 1976 Pro Leather and redesigned it for the luxury shoe lovers.

Available now at select retailers worldwide, the high-fashion collection is filled with both high and low leather silhouettes. With both Black and White options, the sneaker is covered in Comme’s trademark heart logo, giving them a pop of color.

One Response to Commes Des Garcons x Converse Pro Leather Collection

  1. Wally Huertas says:

    Hi i was wondering on knowing how i could get a pair of your shoes i’m really interested in getting them Thank you i really appreciate you?

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