Space Invaders Jenga

September 2, 2013


An arcade twist to an old classic.

The game of Jenga is fun to bring out at parties. Everyone laughs and teases as the players remove one block at a time, all the while expounding on their Jenga skills. Then the whole thing falls down and everyone leaves the mess to the host to clean up. But then the Space Invaders showed up – strange bug like ships hovering in the air. Each day, they move closer. Good thing they just wanted to deliver us all Space Invaders Jenga.

Space Invaders Jenga can be played two ways. First, it can be played just like regular Jenga. Second, it adds the Space Invaders aspect. Each player not only has to remove a block on their turn, they also have to attempt to move their Invader piece from the top of the stack to the bottom. The blocks all have actions on them, which you have to follow. Some will help, some will hurt. Whoever makes it to the bottom (or is closest when the tower falls) wins! Space Invaders Jenga – take your party game and stir it with a heaping helping of 80s arcade goodness!

Available now HERE.

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