GARDEN(PALM)ER series from Michael Lau x How2work (Product Details)

September 20, 2013

Ever since it has been revealed, information for availability of the new GARDEN(PALM)ER series from Michael Lau x How2work has been exceedingly sparse, bringing temptations to a boil, while surely snuffing out others’ earlier “flame of desires”. Now thanks to OneSixthBruce from the United Kingdom, we have tangible(ish) info to digest and consider!

Each figure is 1/12 scale, standing about 18cm in height (approx 6 inches), and features 16 points of articulation – which is no longer a novelty, as 3A Toys have been producing their ‘Action Portable’ line – but the body sculpts for garden(palm)er veers towards those of articulated wooden-figurines used in art/craft, rather than a replication of their 1/6-predecessors – which I always maintained were more along the aesthetics of (Barbie) Ken-styled skinny bodies.

The first “Season” features 9 character + 1 bonus character per season (10 in a set), and there will be multiple seasons, resulting in a total of 117 + 13 bonus character Gardener Series. For folks who could afford the whole series, there really is nothing to talk about here (you have our envy), but for folks with a tighter budget? Let’s just try to get pass ‘Season 1′ first, yeh?

OSB is retailing the set for an approximate £320.00 per set (TBC), with a tentative release date circa November 2013. Each figure will be packaged in a faux ‘spraycan’. Do feel free to contact OSB at or via for further enquiries.

It is up to the discretion of the retailer(s) to sell the item separate / individually, but the trick being there might only be a few characters folks are keen on collecting anyways, so expect outrageous pricing on online auctions instead.

I had been patiently holding out to see if they would be sold online via, but with the retailer-based direction we have been receiving info from so far, I doubt that would be happening anytime soon, unfortunately. But who knows, right? Unfortunately, I will not longer be holding my breath for that to happen. If I were able to, I would collect these and forgo other figures, truth be told, but I could hardly swallow a set, much less 13.

Good luck to you folks for trying to score your faves!

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