Buscemi 100MM

September 17, 2013

It’s very common in the fashion world for designers to work for companies and then leave and set up shop. Or for a designer to sell their brand and create another in their own name. You’ve no doubt heard of Gourmet sneakers, the shoe company who takes a more art like approach to kicks. Creating groundbreaking silhouette and using obscure patterns. Well Jon Buscemi started that company, and though recently leaving, has started a brand in his own name. The new Jon Buscemi brand boasts the finest Italian materials with a fashionista upscale look.

Lading the charge in this new brand is the Buscemi 100MM. The kicks are fashion at its finest and are accompanied by the price to match. Many big stars have been seen rocking the high end kicks which come in black, red, and white. 2 Chainz most recently was seen in them. The base and sole of the sneaks resemble a plain clean leather shoe. Up by the top is where the kicks become dope. The kicks feature a strap that wraps around the back is held and locked by a 14K gold plated metal buckle and fixtures. The kicks speak for themselves as they definitely a something to behold. You can pick these up now HERE for $785.

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