VISVIM AW13 – ‘Dissertation on a man with no country’

August 30, 2013

‘Dissertation on a man with no country’, the title of the AW13 collection from Visvim sums up the themes of national identity, ethnic iconography and artisanal construction which are so important to this, and all of designer Hiroki Nakamura’s work.

Through his design Nakamura is exploring an individual’s relationship with their surroundings, experimenting with the idea of identity and juxtaposing traditional techniques and aesthetics across international boundaries.

A key example of this is the wide and varied selection of natural materials used for Visvim’s clothing and footwear, boots are constructed from the leather of exotic animals and garments are cut from rare and impressive materials.

Surprise and delight details have always been a staple of Nakamura’s craft, shirts are constructed with one of a kind flourishes and footwear is put together with a forward thinking and directional attitude that few designers could hope to match up to.

The AW13 collection focuses heavily on these kinds of details, with this season’s signature pattern playing a particularly important role. Every year Nakamura selects a unique fabric and applies it across his designs and this year he has selected an indigo dyed calico print canvas, an iconic motif from American history. This iconic print adds a distinct edge to t-shirts, shirts and boots across the collection, worked into the design of each item in unique way.

To explore the first release from this fascinating collection, head over HERE now.

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