Jeremiah Ketner “Ideal World”

August 25, 2013

Chicago based artist Jeremiah Ketner returns to myplasticheart for his second solo exhibition entitled Ideal World. Elaborating on themes of beauty, harmony and balance amongst all forms of nature Jeremiah gives us a glimpse through his rose colored glasses into a lush and splendorous world.

To say Jeremiah’s work is “hauntingly gorgeous”, is pretty much an understatement. With ethereal ladies in waiting, amidst an intensely rich color palette – in this instance “Ideal World” shimmers underneath a purple sky and twilight night – the paintings are currently available for purchase via Featured here in this particular post are paintings that have yet to be spoken for, so act quick!

“Ideal World” launched August 9th and will exhibit through September 8th. ‘All items from this exhibit will ship shortly after Sept 16 2013

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