10″ Pirate Bunny by Joe Ledbetter

August 13, 2013

Vast ye land-lovers! A plunderer, hornswaggler, swindler, and scallywag you would be hard-pressed to find any redeemable qualities for Pirate Bunny. Known to be heavy on the sauce, quick with the blade, and averse to taking prisoners, he sailed to the ends of the seas seeking bounty and booty. However, he sadly became shark bait once his debt and debauchery reached their limits.

Mr. Bunny stands 10″ tall (25cm) and is packaged in a collector’s blister pack. This is the 3rd release of Mr bunny of his newly sculpted Chaos Bunnies series with classic Joe Ledbetter signature stylings. The 10″ Pirate Bunny by Joe Ledbetter is limited to 700 pieces worldwide and is now available HERE.

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