Transformers Sunstorm #SDCC 2013-Exclusive from Toy Tokyo

July 4, 2013

Toy Tokyo collaborates with The Loyal Subjects to offer San Diego Comic Con attendees a special colorway edition of the Transformers figure SUNSTORM (with colors chosen by Justin Volpe!).

There will be a strictly limited amount of Sunstorm figures available for Toy Tokyo’s website customers (one per customer). They will go up for pre-order tomorrow Friday (July 5th) on for US$14.99, and then they’ll ship out shortly after SDCC. These figures will be available at the Con starting Wednesday night (preview night), first come, first serve.

These will be carded like the old school 80′s mini Transformers (not boxed like the upcoming blind series), and they frankly look quite the awesomeness, regardless if you are a Transformers-fan or not!

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