The Genesis Project 2013 Summer Collection

July 14, 2013

The Genesis Project has made a name for itself recently with collections of luxe headwear rooted in retro snapbacks from past decades. From logos of past and current pro sports teams to Pendleton materials and wildly-printed brims, the label’s mix-and-match method has resulted in some of the more innovative and eye-catching options on the market. For Summer 2013, The Genesis Project has worked up some new models using your favorite sports team past and present. In addition the expected basketball teams, The Genesis Project has even thrown in a few Los Angeles Kings hats for good measure. With patterns ranging from Navajo to leopard print, and even one that looks like your grandma’s old couch (in a good way), there is plenty to choose from in this latest drop. As with all The Genesis Project hats, these offer an adjustable fit with a shiny gold strap closure.

The Genesis Project’s offerings for Summer 2013 are available via their online store.

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