Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

July 1, 2013

Stone Islands Autumn/Winter 2013 collection sees them continue to blaze a trail within the world of performance fabrics with a selection of fascinating new designs dropping here at End this week. This first look at the collection is made up of innovative injected down jackets, new explorations into their garment dying process and a jaw dropping return to the world of reflectivity.

An iconic SI style, their range of Garment Dyed jackets are typical of their approach and the AW13 see’s them press on, applying it to new fabric combinations to create some intriguing results. On the Mussola Gommata Hooded Jacket they have bonded a lightweight layer of cotton muslin to an opaque polyurethane film creating a versatile hybrid material that captures it’s a distinctive colour though the dying process while ensuring protection from the elements care of its protective film.

The effects of the Garment Dying process have also had a major impact on the development of the construction techniques used for the Garment Dyed Down Jacket. The nylon shell of the Garment Dyed Shirt Jacket achieves a particularly interesting colour glow when put through this process and in order to withstand the rigours of dying, its genuine down stuffing has been treated and directly injected into the jacket. Evident of the lengths which Stone Island go to to create their innovative fabrics.

Reflectivity is a function that has been the focus of many of Stone Islands most impressive creations and the AW13 collection is no different, with the highlight of this collection so far being their new Mesh Reflective Down Jacket.

A testament to their constant innovation in the world of fabrics, the Mesh Reflective Down Jacket is made of a unique and highly reflective fiberglass blend material. It industrial feel run-proof shell is treated with thousands of glass micro-spheres, giving it a highly reflective and completely unique aesthetic that is constantly changing, reacting to the light around it.

A selection brimming with innovative, expertly executed and forward thinking designs, the first drop of the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection from Stone Island is online now HERE.

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