Nike Air Force I Downtown High Spike (Black)

July 24, 2013

Seen on a great many Christian Louboutin models the spike has become very popular as an amendment to modern clothing. From jackets to jeans to sneaks you can see spikes these days. Now one of the most hight touted sneakers in the game gets the sharp treatment. The 30+ year veteran Nike Air Force 1 seems to never die. And for good reason as most classics never do. The kicks, whether high, low, or mid always get the coolest and most innovative upgrades from the Nike team. And the Nike Air Force I Downtown High Spike looks to be no different.

The otherwise normal black on black AF1 High features spiking on its toe box and up the spine of its heel. Also present is a shiny black patent leather on swoosh and strap. As juxtaposed at the Nike Air Force I Downtown High name is the spikes seem to fit just fine for a new and dope look for the classic. These are set to hit Nike retailers on July 27th for $150. Keep it locked for more info.

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