Hublot LaFerrari (Masterpiece MP-05)

June 2, 2013

Drawing on its extensive in-house watchmaking expertise, Hublot unveiled “La Ferrari”, a boasting among many features a world record power reserve for a hand-wound vertical tourbillon wristwatch — 50-day power reserve, thanks to a whopping 11 barrels! It is also the watch with the most watchmaking components created to date by Hublot, with 637. The watch is wound with a drill-like device that plugs into the top of the watch. It’s a crazy watch, totally over the top.

Production of LaFerrari will be limited to 50 pieces. It joins the “Key of Time” and the Antikythera SunMoon (also a 2013 release) as part of Hublot’s Masterpiece collection.

The movement has an original display, featuring a front vertical face with the small seconds indicated by means of an aluminium cylinder fastened onto the suspended Tourbillon cage (which is by the way significantly bigger than usual with a cage diameter of 14.50 mm, for even better appreciation of the mechanical parts). The hour and minute are displayed to the right of the barrels, also indicated by means of one anodised black aluminium cylinder each. On their left is the cylinder indicating the power reserve.

“The MP-05 “LaFerrari” was developed – in technical and design terms – entirely in parallel with the car, alongside the Ferrari teams.” – Mr. Lucas di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari.

words by Kyle Stults

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