The Quiet Life Mahalo Pack for Spring 2013

May 2, 2013

The Quiet Life have announced a very limited Mahalo Pack of headwear for Spring 2013.

The pack consists of three camp caps and a bucket hat, all featuring a variation of a Hawaiian print that features floral patterns and pinup girls in bright colours. Titled the “Mahalo” pack, The Quite Life have only manufactured 100 packs and sent them to their favourite stockists worldwide. There’s a clue about the pack in the title, with mahalo meaning thank you in Hawaiian.

To promote the pack, TQL invited photographer Jared Eberhardt to shoot a mini lookbook featuring a girl who looks very similar to that pinup girl on the hats themselves. Jared’s photography is strikingly beautiful and he has managed to capture many of the colours featured in the hats in the photos themselves.

The pack are available at select stores now in very limited numbers.

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