Rolex GMT-Master II (Ref 116760 BLNR)

May 12, 2013

OK, so my first reaction to the 2013 Rolex lineup was admittedly not a pleasant one. And while I still hold the sentiments expressed earlier, I will be breaking down each of the new pieces on their own merits. I’ve already taken a closer look at the platinum Daytona (why oh why couldn’t they have made something accessible to more Rolex fans?!), now let’s see the GMT-Master II with ceramic bezel.

The new Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II is presented in a 40mm 904L steel case, with a rotatable bezel featuring for the first time a two-colour ceramic Cerachrom bezel insert in blue and black representing day and night. Price will be just under $9,000.

The ceramic bezel (Rolex’s trademarked term is Cerachrom) is certainly an achievement — the ceramic component with two distinct colors is actually produced as a single piece of ceramic. So while it echoes the traditional two-colour bezel of the original GMT-Master and GMT-Master II models, this is a very high-tech bezel. The Cerachrom insert was first introduced in 2005. It is virtually scratchproof, highly corrosion resistant, and its color is unaffected by ultraviolet rays. One thing I recently learned is that the engraved 24-hour graduations are coated with a thin layer of platinum via a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) process.

And there you have it. Rolex fans, rejoice.

words by Kyle Stults

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