Converse x Ace Hotel Pro Leather Hi

May 2, 2013

The incredible popularity of collaborations in the world of fashion has thrown up some truly intriguing combinations. Otherwise distinct companies now work together on projects that rightfully recognise the extent to which a piece of clothing or footwear can be used as a canvas for creativity, whatever its origin may be.

A like-minded approach and mutual respect for each other’s work acts as the driving force behind the ongoing collaboration between Converse and Ace Hotels, a company with that seeks to bring a new approach to hospitality industry. Established in Seatle in 1999, Ace Hotels now runs a hand-picked selection of locations across the United States, each one based in unique, character filled locations and offering a one of a kind experience to those who stay there.

The connection between Ace and Converse began with the opening of Ace Hotel New York in Midtown Manhattan where the Staff were outfitted with exclusive versions of the Chuck Taylor All Star. When Ace went on to open its first retail space within the Hotel, a collaboration was a natural progression.

This latest release sees Ace take on a premium version of the Pro Leather high top, with leather uppers featuring lazer cut ‘A’ perforations, smooth suede detailing and a bricks and mortar style vulcanised rubber outsole, inspired by the classic architecture that houses Ace’s high end Hotels.

Available online now HERE.

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