Introducing: Hender Scheme

April 2, 2013

Hender Scheme based out of Tokyo, Japan just jumped right to the top of our favorite brands list. Hender Scheme is a progressive purveyor of artisan footwear and leather goods. Designer and owner- Ryo Kashiwazaki, aims to create products with a balance between “modern” and “craft”. The brand garnered a lot of attention in Japan with the release of their “Hommage” series, where classic footwear silhouettes are handmade in natural leather with feathered edges for a luxurious yet rugged appeal. Over time they develop a beautiful and individually unique patina based on each individuals wear. The collections are abstractly themed ranging from Footwear, accessories and everyday homewares allowing Ryo Kashiwazaki to focus on “Shokunin” craftsmanship. The newly introduced offerings are available now online HERE.

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