Hip Hopsicles Ice Cube Tray by GAMA-GO

April 4, 2013

Because nothing says “Thug Life” like a novelty ice cube tray, Home Clever is selling this Hip Hopsicle Ice Cube Tray. There are 4 shapes in the mold — a boombox, microphone, turntable and a dolla-dolla bill sign. The product site claims that these ice cube trays will get your party crack-a-lackin’. I find that… extremely hard to believe. If your shindig is vastly improved by an ICE CUBE TRAY then maybe you should leave the party planning to someone else. I mean, you can’t rely on a damn ice cube tray to spice up your rager. At least get a piñata or something.
Available HERE for $9.

words by Brittany High

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