BePostive Footwear S/S 2013 Latest Arrivals

April 9, 2013

Contemporary footwear purveyors- BePositive was created in 2007 under the efforts of Italian street wear retailers SlamJam. The footwear initiative was established with the intentions of combining current styling, functionality and comfort with elegant aesthetics. Through over two decades of retail operation, Slam Jam’s innovative research infuses the best elements from a multitude of footwear categories. We’ve just received a small delivery from BePositive consisting of a suede comprised Wing Tip and Derby Shoe in distinctive spring ready colorways. The classic silhouettes feature traditional craftsmanship and a modern Vibram sole equipped with an EVA insert for comfort and unique styling. The result showcases a harmonious execution of form fits function in amalgamations of heritage and contemporary footwear. Shop these latest arrivals, available now online.

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