The New Order Magazine Vol.8 Hiroki Nakamura

March 21, 2013

The spring/summer 2013 issue of THE NEW ORDER releases with a cover story on Visvim’s Hiroki Nakamura, exploring the history of the brand and an indepth look at the Japanese labels latest project, Indigo Camping Trailer. THE NEW ORDER continues to focus on a new movement, aimed at shedding some light on new labels in the industry or highlighting and providing new light on labels that have been pivotal to the culture. Working with talented photographers like Boris Kralj, Clement Pascal, Keita Suzuki, Kiyotaka Hatanaka, Motoki Mizoguchi, Peter Sutherland, Shiniqwa Jarvis, amongst others help define the philosophy of THE NEW ORDER. In addition to a comprehensive story on Visvim, features on Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Damir Doma, Kenzo, Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood while Peter Sutherland spends the day with Leo Fitzpatrick and we also talk to Pharrell Williams, SUITMAN and Steven Harrington amongst other equally compelling editorial. THE NEW ORDER magazine is published twice a year with a focus on the most influential people in fashion, art, culture and lifestyle. Providing a unique approach to create great insight into the figures that have a positive effect on a culture that is so relevant in today’s society.
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