Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects ‘Panda Bunny’ (MSX Toy Gallery-Exclusive)

March 6, 2013

PANDA BUNNY: ‘Ever hungry, slow moving, thoughtful, and apprehensive, Panda Bunny lives far up in the misty bamboo forest. Strong and powerful when she needs to be, most of her time is spent sleeping, eating, and setting booby traps – often catching wayward bunnies. She always sets them free after giving detailed directions out of the bamboo forest. If there is one thing Panda Bunny likes more than a mouthful of bamboo leaves, it’s peace and quiet away from other noisy bunnies.’

PANDA BUNNY is the latest Chaos Bunny from Joe Ledbetter x The Loyal Subjects, and is a Beijing exclusive to the MSX Toy Gallery, of which only 100 pieces are produced and made available.

Priced at US$160 each (+ shipping), the 10-inch tall Panda Bunny will be available online @ on Saturday March 9th @ 12:00 noon Beijing time (Friday March 8th @ 8:00pm PST and Saturday March 9th @ 4:00am GMT). Joe Ledbetter himself will be in Beijing for a signing and a sketch at MSX Toy Gallery at 12:00 noon on Saturday March 9th.

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