“The Perfect Drug” by Ben Frost @ Kult Gallery, Singapore

February 22, 2013

Opening February 21st at the Kult Gallery, Singapore, is “The Perfect Drug” – an exhibition of new works by our very own Australian pop artist Ben Frost. Shown here are previews of what to expect at his show, which exhibits through March 18th, 2013.

‘The Sydney-based artist is well known for his confronting of Pop Art paintings. Using a collage style of unlikely juxtapositions, his dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that savagely critique our media and advertising-obsessed society.

Held at the Kult Gallery in Emily Hill, his Singapore exhibition will present new artworks that explore our society’s obsession with mass-consumerism. Painting directly onto fast food and pharmaceutical packaging, Frost asks us to look twice at the products we have grown to love – and also grown addicted to.’

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