‘Pimp2-D2′s Big Score’ Print by Jason Chalker

February 5, 2013


“He’s got the secret plans! Gonna stick it to The Emperor Man! Who’s the droid that won’t cop out, when there’s danger all about? Pimp2-D2, that’s who.”

I always “knew” R2D2 wasn’t your average Droid, content with playing the sidekick to C3PO, R2 bleeped and blooped to everyone’s heart, without saying a single line of dialog … now, his “secret” is out, courtesy of Jason Chalker – in this jiving’ 70′s-retroliciousness!

Priced at US$20 per 16″x12″ (Archival inks on Epson paper), you can purchase the “Pimp2-D2′s Big Score” print HERE! This lil’dude was last seen as a custom toy, and now will be immortalized on print. SO DOPE!

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