Ouya Will Be Hitting Retail In June

February 8, 2013

Ouya is coming in June, and the company behind the open source Android-based console is cutting off at least some speculation going around. If you’re not a Kickstarter backer, just where the heck are you supposed to get one of these things. As it turns out, the answer is simple: a store.

Back when Ouya was just a Kickstarter idea which became funded, backers will see their consoles starting in March, and the systems will be hitting store shelves in June. Ouya posted a list of retail partners on its site, and they include Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target. Seeing these things on store shelves will add a degree of credibility to the system, which is critically important for an upstart like Ouya. The console and one controller will cost $100, with additional controllers going for $50. You can now officially pre-order from Amazon here.

For months now, developers have been making games and showing off what this console is capable of. Hopefully we see some real good system seller games in the future! Never heard of Ouya?

Visit them at Kickstarter or their official website for more info.

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